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Scene After An Accident

Lost my car in some wild
Speeding and craziness.

What do I do if the brakes fail?
Survive. I think. I forget.

Now I'm walking on the road's soft shoulders.
Springtime and weeds talk country matters in the gravel,
Under the melted butter sun.

A snake, only as long as a pencil, green
As cooked spinach, glides over my bare left foot.
So gentle, but I am waiting for the panic
Frozen hard as solid silver
And waiting for the lethal flinch.

My nerves aren't steel, they're silver.

I wish someone was there to witness my luck, for I have
Often pointed out the X's on my palms
To friends and said, "See, I'm always protected."
They laughed. But luck comes from the gods;
If there were proof of it anywhere, it would be in my
Crossed palms.

Improbably, while sleeping,
I see the snake again-or is it a different spinach-coloured snake?
It's the same road.
It's the same me, walking along with a crab-apple bush
to lean on as a staff
(My brain is bad at props)
My spinach snake is being eaten
by a psychopathic serpant servant of ferocity
Who is the colour of lima beans, who has the same expression
-toothed and diacritical-

and narrow-eyed
as my biology teacher.

We are nowhere near a crossroads
And I have neither skill on the blues guitar,
To call forth the saviour of Robert Johnson,
Nor a straight staff to thrust between the devouring snakes,
Invoking the old thief.
Nothing to shut up snotty evolution
but X's in my palms,
and the bush of sour temptation, Eve's sour grapes
and a song that is my own and old enough.
I was in a mild car accident once. Funny the sorts of chthonic things you see by the side of the road, eh?
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Daily Deviation

Given 2001-07-05
Scene of an Accident by surlybird was written by one of the finest poets at DeviantArt. Alex, an accident, the aftermath, surreal visions, "Springtime and weeds talk country matters in the gravel,..." Searching for the crossroads, no skill on the blues guitar "To call forth the saviour of Robert Johnson," and "My spinach snake is being eaten by a psychopathic serpant servant of ferocity..." Quick! Go! Read! selected by sabine1 ( Featured by devart )
silverl Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2005
I love this poem, it's a very interesting one. Very quirky, to me at least.
ubu Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2001
Well I'll be damned if I didn't just read a poem of yours that I thought was your best....

- u - b - u -
cix3 Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2001
Wow! i really like your style of writing. you have a way of drawing the reader in. i'm not sure how, but i think you gave the poem just enough personal flair, and then your words just open up inside readers. what i mean, is that your poem is deeply personal, yet the words you use draw up images that are very personal within readers. this is not an easy thing to do, and i applaud your triumph. great work!

dotbin Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2001
very nice...

i really don't think i can add to the comments you've had already...

so i'll say, well done :) (Smile)

[.bin] []
chicken64 Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2001
Very, Very good.

Although ive never been in a car accident, falling of a bike in the middle of a road conjured up the same sort of dreamlike feelings that are in the poem. Waiting for myself to hit the ground and wake up, and in the end the realisation that it actually happend.

Finally a cliche i know but congrats on the DD, you deserve it :) (Smile)

Chicken64 (Death to Darkness)
skyOrange Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2001

one of the older poems i really loved. i enjoyed reading funny, sometimes incoherent quips you slipped in, thoughts both imagined and spoken out loud. they were like little surprises, some wrapped in fancy paper, some in old chinese newspaper and i enjoyed unwrapping them every time.

fantastic poem, surlybird. great flow and style. congrats on the DP.

*looks at palm and traces the star*
guesshimself Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2001
wow, i need to start reading more poetry. this is a great poem. i love the style of it. great work and congrats on the daily poem!

my most frequently asked question: who let you in here?
sumalangitnawa Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2001
your brain is not bad with props. it's just fresh. ;) (Wink)

congrats on the daily poem, i enjoyed the zoom in zoom out style.

(bring back the animated smileys!)
kar0 Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2001
I agree with tack on the commenting part, I'm not really good with words, but once again, another great poem from you... great imagery, and it's easy to follow... Great job! :D (Big Grin) Keep it up....
tack Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2001
I can't review poetically like the rest, but this is a beautiful blend of humor, imagery, substance. I look forward to following your work.

jsenn Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2001
*she read this poem before, but she did not speak, I am not sure why*

It is magnificent, eyelids almost closed, weak, ill, moving to an unseen force, "crossed palms, indeed" say the gods "he is human, let him dream, he'll not remember, but he'll not think himself immortal now."

Alone with "a psychopathic serpent servant of ferocity", belly full of green spinach snakes.

Your words draw the reader so strongly into the imagery, so strongly that one forgets it is not a personal vision, becomes a part of it, moves and sees through your eyes, understands in your understanding. I love poetry that can do this. I love your poetry.

kabookie123 Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2001
This is wonderful. Really fantstic work you have here. I think i'll read it again before i continue. ok,done.
Sometimes our lives get to wrapped up in the techno monstrosity
to see the world inside and out.
It seems that you break that barrier. Subtle imagery weave a tapasty of color and dream
. A flowing steam that sweaps the reader away.
Into a song not to long.
and not to old
Keep up the great work

Riding a Phantom Lullaby
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